Swimmer’s Itch

We were fortunate to spend a fine day at the beach along Lake Superior this weekend.  A real treat, with blue skies above, white sails in the distance, warm sand, and water just cool enough to be enjoyable.  Been a long time since we just hung out and played together as a family for a whole day.

Once we were in the van and on our way back home, however, the young ones began to itch and pretty soon we had weepy crisis-time.  This was our first experience with swimmer’s itch.  Poor kids were frantic.  And we weren’t much help.  Called a friend who Googled for us (we couldn’t get online) and also got advice at the local IGA.  Got some hydrocortisone cream and that seemed to do it.  Oddly, I didn’t get itchy at all, and my wife only had a little touch of it.  Perhaps young skin is more vulnerable.

We’ve since learned that it helps if you towel off as soon as you get out of the water.  So noted.

Apart from an hour of tears and mad scratching, a good, good day.

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