Just Local Road Signs

I’m back home.  I can hear the rooster crowing even as I type this.  So good to see my wife.  Her blue-eyed smile.  Have just had a great morning in the office with my girls.  They drew and cut up scrap paper while I unpacked the accumulations of the road.  Also took a walk out the lane with the young one on my shoulders to check the corn…I got half of it cultivated before I left.  The cultivated half is thriving.  The uncultivated half is pale green and stunted, but I believe it still has a chance if I get out there in the next couple of days.

Regarding the tour and things in general, I expressed my thanks via yesterday’s Shelf Awareness post, and remain grateful.

And now for fun, a couple of pictures.  During the tour, we often discussed local foods and sustainability (although I tend to avoid the “s” word, as it is in danger of becoming over- and mis-used).  We regularly patronize Eau Claire’s own Just Local Food cooperative, run by friends and neighbors of ours.  Lately there has been some obstructive road construction near the store, and it was fun to open my email in the motel room the other day and find some photos from Larry Glenn (the man who did the live recording of my humor albums Never Stand Behind A Sneezing Cow and I Got It From the Cows) illustrating how the Just Local crew has been dealing with the traffic trouble (their logo is a carrot):

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