I Got It From The Cows (Humor CD – Download only)

A live-audience recording of Mike searching for truth in everything from the perfect cow to clogged sewer lines.  Tracks include: “The Bull Catalog”; “The Perfect Cow”; “Explaining the Nurse Thing to Dad”; “The Dew is on the Beer Tent”; “Faux Pas Avec Monster Truck”; “Holy Bumpersticker”; “Zed Sets Me Straight”; “Freaked at the Conoco”; and “Just Say Whoa.”

Recorded Live … 100% authentic laughter. No laugh track.


  1. The Bull Catalog
  2. The Perfect Cow
  3. Explaining the Nurse Thing to Dad
  4. Making New Friends
  5. Real Firefighters Don’t Wear Tights
  6. The Dew is on the Beer Tent
  7. Faux Pas avec Monster Truck
  8. Feather Duster Blues
  9. Celebrating the Sewer Snake
  10. Freaked at the Conoco
  11. Sorting it All Out
  12. Holy Bumpersticker
  13. Fish Squeezin’s
  14. Picker Poem
  15. Zed Sets Me Straight
  16. Farmboy Love
  17. Greek Love
  18. Simple Truth
  19. Just Say Whoa

Formats Available:

  • Digital Download – $8.99

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