Thank You, UU

Read and spoke at the local Unitarian Universalist Church today.  About faith, shaken faith, wandering versus seeking, the idea of universal humility, and how our spiritual foundations shape us long after we leave the house.  I also spoke of my gratitude for my children (their presence forces me to examine my heart on a daily basis) and my parents (their faithful example influences me always, even though some might not see it).  I would add my wife, who endures my wobbly-headed ways.

Thank you to the local congregation for the invitation.  It was a blessing to be surrounded by thoughtful folks open to a multitude of perspectives.

As a side note, because of the nature of the discussion (frankly, I feel in way over my head with these things and suspect I operate at the theological equivalent of a late-night freshman dorm room chat), I was more nervous at the podium than I have been in a long time.  This led to one of the most eye-widening “misspeaks” of my career.  While attempting to read the following line from Coop,

…an itinerant evangelist showed up late for gospel meeting and crept into the back row…

I got tongue-tied and said “crapped” instead of “crept.”

Hoooo.  I’m a guy who’s not ashamed to go for a laugh (oh, and it got one!), but that one left me red-faced.

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