Rear View Mirror

Just came across these photos sent to me months ago.  They were taken at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington, during the Coop hardcover tour.  Photos like this always remind me how beautifully strange this life can be…a couple of hours in a bookstore, laughing and sharing stories with readers, then it’s back on the horse and on to the next spot, and suddenly a year has passed.  But when I revisit these photos and see the smiles and heartwarming connections (note two women, one wearing a UW-Eau Claire shirt and another a Point Beer shirt) (specific Cheesehead signals) it only reinforces my feeling that the fleeting nature of the moment makes it all the more precious.  This is why I always offer the blanket thank-you to anyone who makes the effort to attend any of my/our events.

A special thanks to the family posed in the last photo with me.  They are members of the faith in which I was raised and wrote about in Coop.  I cherished our conversation and their willingness to attend.

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