Thank You, See You

Thank you to everyone in Rhinelander.  Especially everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to bring it together.  Got introduced by a true “Nobbern” girl!  Seats full, my heart too.  And thank you to the EMS and FD “vollies” in attendance.  Earlier I discussed writing and bear-skinning at a local school and was treated to the finest pasty I’ve had in ages.  For those of you checking in from somewhere other than Cornwall, England (or da U.P.), it’s pronounced pass-ty. I had the basic, which was anything but!  Eating pasties, talking literature, Steve Earle, deer hunting and old pickup trucks.  Don’t talk to me about your power lunch.

The band and I will be hitting the road Friday and Saturday.  We’ll be playing songs from our new album (on February 1 we’ll have some fun news about something the label is doing for early orders – for now you can listen to samples here).  Looking forward to whompin’ those D chords.

In the meantime, Jim Fleming is still reading Coop on Wisconsin Public Radio (last night in Rhinelander I was reading the “farmer snort” section and wondering if Jim Fleming ever thought his career would come to this).

Tomorrow night?  First responder refresher class with my New Auburn Area Fire Department friends.

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