Mister Absent-Minded

I am so regularly absent-minded that I actually get angry with myself about it.  Cuss-out-loud angry.  Sounds silly, probably is silly, but it’s true.  Late for an event the other day, I left the car running, ran up to the office for something I had forgotten, then ran out and jumped in the other car and had it started before I realized what I was doing.

This morning I put up a post about my morning radio interview and made it look like I was going to be on for 13 hours straight (caught by alert Facebookers!).  I like being on the radio, but 13 hours might be an FCC violation.

On the way home from the interview I made a flying stop at a home-improvement store to buy some miscellaneous things related to house and woodshed repair.  Had to go to the bathroom.  Found restroom, walked in, completely overlooked the fact that there were no stand-up facilities, went into a stall, got all situated and heard ladies talking.  Man, I went all cold.  I was standing in there already visualizing the headlines and the security camera footage, wondering how do I make my break without somebody screaming.  Waited until I could hear only one lady remaining (she was brushing her teeth), bolted past her with my face burning red, yammer-stammered some apology without slowing down (she said, “Oh, no problem!”) shot out into the store and right back into the Men’s Room, where I had myself a little quiet time, because by then, man, did I need it.

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