Too Many Tomatoes

Must be that time of year.  I’ve received a number of emails asking me how to make the roast tomatoes I describe in Truck: A Love Story. It was tomatoes, fresh thyme, fresh marjoram, olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, slow roasting, and as much garlic as you like.  Separate the stock and the pulp.  Eat the garlic while standing at the stove.  The actual recipe can be found on page 92 of Tom Collichio’s Think Like a Chef, worth buying for the photographs alone.

Truth be told, the Collichio technique, while lovely and all (the garlic…roasted in the husk…I digress), is relatively time-consuming.  This year we’ve dealt with the tomato overload by making “Tomato Glut Sauce” from a recipe in Joan Gussow’s This Organic Life.  You can get through a monstrous bunch of tomatoes with this one, and the sauce is fine, fine.

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