Books for Big Kids

In addition to the recent Where the Wild Things Are renaissance, Daddy has particularly enjoyed Ken Stark’s Oh Brother! (the artwork so gorgeous and evocative of my own country childhood that it gives me happy heartache) the gorgeous, haunting, heartwarming blend of story and illustration that is Night Driving, and revisiting Katy McKy’s Pumpkin Town! (my older daughter ate up Katy’s new one, Wolf Camp).  I also note the Pout-Pout Fish circulates through the stack regularly.

As far as books without pictures, thank you to the jolly good gentleman who recently gifted me with The Uncommon Reader.  Most satisfying.  Last night I was working on The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (apologies, Oprah, it took me a while).  Finally getting to McCullers and also Flannery O’Connor.  Bought a copy of this in Seattle while I was on book tour, and also this.

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