Cool and Gray in June

Early morning easy listening: Bloodletting, by Concrete Blonde.  I like the name songs: “Caroline” and “Joey“.

Later, for balance, some Dallas Wayne.

Which might make me dig out this guy (he once got me into big trouble while live on the air at a radio station, a story that requires some time lapse before the retelling) (he wasn’t actually there at the time).

Turned the pigs into some new territory late last night.  They wouldn’t cross the old electric fence line.  But this morning they had overcome their fear and the new patch looked like it had been attacked by organic bulldozers which in fact it had.  Back when I was off on book tour, the neighbor plowed us a patch and my wife scatter-sowed rape and rye.  The patch is thick green and luscious now and those pigs love that rape.  So do the ducks.  They hit it with their beaks all a-clatter.

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