Guitar Hospital

Now that I’m off tour and there is a Long Beds event in the offing, it’s time to swing by the guitar hospital and get my poor Larrivee out of rehab.

Guitar and 4H sign

I’m hard on that guitar.  First day I had it I slapped an International Harvester logo on the soundboard.  Why wouldn’t a guy?  Since then I’ve put a lotta wear and tear on it.  Wore grooves in the frets, especially up there in the D-chord region.  Let it get too dry this winter.  And somewhere along the line I gave it a rap that dinged the varnish and eventually led to a crack in the wood.

International Larrivee

The ding that eventually became a crack is visible above and to the left of the red “i”.  I don’t mind scars and wear on my guitar.  It’s a tool, and I cherish some visible indications of mileage.  But these things went beyond wear to neglect and required attention.  So before the last leg of book tour I left the instrument in the capable hands of my friend Gordy.  When I handed the guitar across the counter, Gordy turned it this way and that, ran his hands over it as if it were a trembling bird, furrowed his brow worriedly, and looked at me like I was a bad parent.  It’s no wonder, because Gordy is an artisan of guitars.  Someday when the farm is paid for I hope to get a Bischoff.  This guy has one, and he’s playing it right here.

I’m eager to see the guitar.  Gotta get after it, been on book tour so long my calluses have faded…

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