Having held this opinion for decades, I will now speak: Pringles are salted on the wrong side.  You place one on your tongue like a tiny saddle and the salty part is against the roof of your mouth.  As delightful as these mysterious chips are (mysterious because they are less than 50% potato...!?!?), imagine the exponential flavor explosion if the salt and flavor crystals were actually facing tongue-ward.

Got hooked on Pringles early when Mom brought some home.  Mom was notoriously frugal (oatmeal in 25-pound bags) so it might seem counterintuitive that she would be purchasing packaged junk food, but I recall those early canisters (or perhaps the print ads) featured comic drawings showing the chips being punched out and baked in a science-fiction sort of way.  This suggests to me that they were probably offered at a low introductory rate.  Also, we lived in range of a test market, so we often got cut-rate deals on new food products.

One hesitates to always default to Wikipedia, but the Pringles entry is a quick, interesting read.

Anyway.  C’mon Procter & Gamble: flip those chips.

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