Classical is Not Easy Listening

I enjoy classical music.  Especially in the early morning.  Let me be clear: I don’t know Bach from Beethoven.  This is not some fakey self-deprecating comment.  While my wife and even my children (thanks to my wife’s father…a union worker at the local tire plant who played and taught his children about classical music) can identify certain classical works upon listening to a few bars, I really can’t put a name to any part of the canon that hasn’t appeared in an airline commercial.  I suppose it is a matter of exposure and study.  In certain circumstances I enjoy it, and I guess that will have to do for now.

All that setup just to say on a recent morning I found myself alone in a hotel room, a tad over-coffeed and jittery from a freshly-discovered public criticism (nothing huge, and part of the territory, walk it off, Spanky).  Seeking peace I cued up Schubert on the laptop, but after five minutes I found the sound ominous.  Switched to Liszt, and that soothed me.

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