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World Book Night – Population 485

NAAFD Helmet

The purpose of this post is to offer my heartfelt thanks to those of you (both givers and readers) participating in World Book Night. After the word went out and givers started signing up, I quickly realized I couldn’t manage to personally thank everyone in the manner they deserved, so I hope this post will go a little way toward doing that. Notes, photos (including the Beagle’s tattoo!), and a video after the break.


World Book Night and Population 485

It’s a privilege to have Population 485 included in World Book Night. The short version of how this works: You sign up to be a “book giver” and then you get copies of the book to hand out free. I like this program because they concentrate on giving out books in “non-book” settings (yes, perhaps even your local volunteer fire department or ambulance meeting, or the hometown Post Office, or the dang bait shop).

Click here to get more information. And thank you.


Ten years on, and in anticipation of the massive World Book Night event, it’s impossible for me to overstate the connection between this book and this album. Night after night I sat up way into the wee hours, hitting the keyboard with this album playing over and over. In particular I remember working all night long on a passage about what it was like to drive into my hometown late at night. Drank a lot of coffee and put “Outskirts” on single-song repeat for hours.

Writing this morning, different book, same song. Sending a thank you out to James McMurtry.