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Tractors, Chainsaws, Beer, Fire

It’s my dear friend Dean Bakopoulos, reading an essay about chainsaws and tractors and beer and fire…have a listen here. Dean is one of the good guys. I have known few people who so effectively bridge the senseless gulf that too often yawns between calloused hands and academia. I also once stiffed him for the…View post

Wisconsin Trails Tractor Tale

The latest issue of Wisconsin Trails magazine is out. I’m honored that the “My Wisconsin” section contains an essay I wrote about my Dad’s first tractor, a hard-working Massey-Ferguson 135. The essay is excerpted from My First Tractor, a wonderful collection available from Voyageur Press. The May/June issue also includes articles about musky fishing, dirt-track…View post

Auction Addiction

I have written in the past about how my buddy Mills and I have auction addictions.  We enable each other, and not in a good way.  And now that good ol’ roughneck auctions are online…oh my.  I just burned five hours emptying some stranger’s basement (Mills had to “teach” a “class” at “the last minute”)…View post

My First Tractor

In Coop I wrote: The equivalency is not absolute, but I’ll pretty much guarantee you most farm kids remember their first moment at the wheel of a tractor with the approximate clarity of their first kiss.  Me?  Lisa Kettering, beneath a white pine in the moonlight on the road to Axehandle Lake, and: Jerry Coubal’s…View post