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Interview at Erstwhile Luddite

Gail of Erstwhile Luddite called me up a while back. Her questions took me places I don’t often go. You can read excerpts from our conversations here.

Podcast, Anyone?

Getting together with my friend Jaime (among other things, he recorded the airplane for Tiny Pilot) to record a few things for a possible monthly podcast.  Haven’t tried this before,…View post

Long Beds on the Radio

Between 7:30 p.m. CST and midnight tonight, there will emanate from a tower in the tall pines of northern Wisconsin the sound of WOJB‘s “Folkways” program which this time around…View post

Tiny Pilot Lyrics Added

Little while back I finally entered the lyrics for most of the songs on Tiny Pilot (excepting the hidden track available only on the CD version).  They’re here.  Of course…View post

Homeboy Harmonies

After I put up this post, a few folks asked about the harmonies on the title song from the Tiny Pilot album.  Most were supplied by Long Beds guitarist, keyboardist,…View post