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Someone Asked About The Song…

…the Long Beds and I performed at Phoenix Park (with Mary Cutrufello) last week. Specifically, the song about The Joynt, the Eau Claire bar with the big neon sign that says “NO LIGHT BEER.”  The song is called “Harry Was Right,” and it’s a hidden track on the Tiny Pilot album. It’s not available on the digital download version. You can also hear it if you go to The Joynt and play it on the jukebox, which warms our heart indeed. I wrote about The Joynt in Truck (that and other connections between the books and the music here).

Here, Piggy…

Fencing for beefers is progressing, we have a fresh batch of chicks due to arrive in a week or so (thus, actual spring would be nice), and next week we’ll be getting feeder pigs. The photo below was taken of our last batch, fairly early in their career. The wheelbarrow is full of acorns: here’s the story on that, and here’s the story on how some of the acorns were gathered. And here’s the album we were working on when we gathered the acorns.

Podcast, Anyone?

Getting together with my friend Jaime (among other things, he recorded the airplane for Tiny Pilot) to record a few things for a possible monthly podcast.  Haven’t tried this before, we’re learning as we go along, but hoping folks might be interested enough to give it a listen.  My secret weapon is a guy named Al.

More info when the podcast is actually available.

Tiny Pilot Lyrics Added

Little while back I finally entered the lyrics for most of the songs on Tiny Pilot (excepting the hidden track available only on the CD version).  They’re here.  Of course the label master would want me to tell you that the poster/lyric sheet insert included with the actual CD also includes full-color photos of the recording session (including humorous captions) and little notes giving the background of each song.

Homeboy Harmonies

After I put up this post, a few folks asked about the harmonies on the title song from the Tiny Pilot album.  Most were supplied by Long Beds guitarist, keyboardist, and resident crooner extraordinaire Chris Ramey, who does not always croon.  As for the haunting vocals heard just behind the lines, “Tell me little mother’s son” and “Oh, this short, sharp life,” they were provided by friend, neighbor, and Long Beds guitarist emeritus Justin Vernon, who these days works on some side projects.

Listen: Tiny Pilot – Tiny Pilot