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Ah, Wikipedia. Never described myself as a “country chronicler,” that was lifted from a Kirkus review, but am now ever so “self described.” I am regularly knee-deep in cheese, but not that particular cheese. Once it hits Wikipedia, however, it is Truth and even high-tone reviewers parrot the noise. So it goes, file under Could…View post

Miscellaneous Coop Linkage

– A recent podcast interview.  We went off in some directions I don’t ordinarily go.  I did the interview in the basement underneath my favorite coffee shop, and right at the end there, the battery on my phone went out. – A nice review on www.feastofbooks.com. – Friendly blogwords here. – Nice words in Lincoln…View post

The Official Sneezing Cow Policy on Reviews

I’ve never quite known what to do about linking to reviews.  When I get a bad review, I’m usually content to let folks discover it without my help.  (One hardly feels compelled to provide coordinates pinpointing the site of one’s personal literary grundie.)  On the other hand, linking to a good review can look a…View post