The Official Sneezing Cow Policy on Reviews

I’ve never quite known what to do about linking to reviews.  When I get a bad review, I’m usually content to let folks discover it without my help.  (One hardly feels compelled to provide coordinates pinpointing the site of one’s personal literary grundie.)  On the other hand, linking to a good review can look a bit, um, self-loving.  I once heard the singer Greg Brown say the only thing worse than agonizing over bad reviews is spending too much time reading your good reviews.

Still, if someone gives of their time to consider and review your work (and these days many reviewers are unpaid), and that person then kindly forwards the review to your attention, it seems an act of snooty disingenuity to feign ignorance. So now and then we’ll link to some reviews, trusting that ultimately you’ll read the books or not read the books, and you will decide for yourself.

This being an Official Policy, it could change at any time.

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