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Baby Wrens and Baby Book

Was digging around in the Voice Mail archives for a recording of some baby wrens to use in next week’s episode, and when I found it, was surprised to find…View post

Writing With Scissors

Because someone emailed and asked, I’m re-upping these pics. Here’s how I explained myself: After 30 years and all sorts of apps and WordPerfect and Word and Scrivener and digital…View post

Second Language, Second Family

I was gifted this challenge coin after I spoke and shared an evening with a large group of EMTs, firefighters, and first responders last week. I got my EMT license…View post

Haircut, Panama, 2006

In a Dale Watson T-shirt and a barber chair designed to run on unleaded, steak, and a pack’a Marbs.

Floating Memory

Never won a Pulitzer, but my book was in a parade. And memories like this are why I’ll never catch up on thank-yous.