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Motivational Shrieker

“You can’t WISH it to happen, you have to MAKE it happen.” Me, to my five-year-old, on the subject of getting your socks on. Finally those old Tony Robbins cassettes…View post

Creative Space

Back home. Writing in the room over the garage. Had some company.

Todays Grateful Tweet

Wrote in deer stand last night, buck spooked by daughter singing as she gathered eggs = I have all good things in proximity. #gratitude

Baby Daddy

She’s five years old now, and headed for kindergarten. This photo was taken shortly after the home birth I described in Coop. She loved to sleep like this. And that’s what…View post

Tall Versus Small

The five-year old this morning: “Big people can’t judge little people.” She offered this not as a tantrum-fueled retort but rather as a thoughtful observation, so I just said “Hmm…”…View post