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Kidney Stone

I fought to keep the kidney stone piece out of Off Main Street (I thought no one would care) and it has become one of the more popular things I’ve ever written. Shows what I know. Got this in an email this morning: “I just wanted to┬ádrop you a quick line and say your kidney…View post

Whad’Ya Know? Links

Someone asked for links to my appearances on Whad’Ya Know? I’m pressed for time but I think the Coop show is here and show with the Long Beds is here. My first ever appearance on the show here. (I’ll never forget how Michael Feldman put me at my ease by recognizing my reference to dead…View post

Kidney Stone Story

Because a couple of folks have asked, the kidney stone story I often perform live is included in this book: Also included: stories about truckers, truckin’, truckin’ music, Elvis, Steve Earle, manure, baldness, small-town funerals, tricky book tour moments, veterans, Aaron Tippin, giant musky statues, hot summer days, and existentialist cowboys. P.S. The title my…View post