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Excerpt of the Day – Firehouse

From the “P.S.” section of¬†Population 485 (paperback only): I breathed in that quiet firehouse fragrance (it’s a still smell…dampened notes of rubber, diesel, and concrete, all of it cushioned by…View post

Gotta Go

Today’s procrastination enabled by pager; from 1st draft to driving an ambulance in the blink of a strobe. I love EMS/fire part of my life. Privilege.


Tomorrow my honorary nephew Connor McDowell will be competing in the Firefighter Combat Challenge finals. ¬†I don’t overdo the word “proud,” but I’m deploying it now. Well done, sir. (Live…View post

Autographing an Ambulance

This happened a few years back, and I think I posted these on the old version of the site, but just came across them again. One of my more memorable…View post

Population 485 Post-its

Some old Post-its I scribbled notes on down at the fire hall when I was working on Population 485. This October will mark ten years since that book came out…View post