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Scavengers Excerpt: Books

The book won’t be out until September 2 (pre-orders available here, all copies ordered directly from Sneezing Cow will be signed by Mike) but here’s a brief excerpt: Ma did everything she could…View post

Scavengers Getting Closer

Always exciting, even for an old bald author, when a new book shows up in the publisher’s catalog. Scavengers is getting closer to reality (it’ll be out this fall).

Scavenging for Errors

Final pass of Scavengers complete. Whatever errors I missed, they’ll stay missed (until sharp-eyed readers catch them) (there’s a protocol for that).

But What Have I Missed?

Doing final galley edits of “Scavengers.” Just found a spot in Chapter 4 referencing two structures that don’t exist until later in the story. Sharpening the red pencil…