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I tend to write like I talk, which is closer to my boots than my brain. As such (and despite the loving care of any number of despairing editors), I tend to run afoul of grammarians now and again (sometimes two or three weeks in a row). As I am on a lifelong quest for…View post

How Can We Help You Make the Most Money?

Every now and then someone asks a question along the following lines (in this case I am quoting a fellow named Dennis): Do you make more money if I buy the new book through sneezingcow rather than a local bookstore? What about through Amazon? Does your take vary w/ where things are purchased?      I ask…View post

The Rectum? Really?

In Coop I included a section on bovine artificial insemination. Although I strive to write only the most delicate prose, at one point I do set a scene in which the insemination technician (we just called him “the breeder man”) has his arm well up a cow’s rectum. This has elicited questions from the reading…View post

What Did You Write In My Book?

Sometimes I get emails from people wondering what I’ve written in their books.  When asked I personalize them as the reader wishes, but in general I sign a specific thing for each book: Population 485: Welcome to “Nobbern!” (We locals call New Auburn “Nobbern” or “Nauburn” or any variant spelling thereof.) Off Main Street: I…View post

Are you still on the New Auburn fire department?

In 2007, my wife and I had the opportunity to take over my mother-in-law’s farmstead near Fall Creek, Wisconsin.  I am no longer in the New Auburn fire district, but am pleased to say I am now allowed to carry a pager for the local volunteer rescue service in my township*, and I still make…View post