How Can We Help You Make the Most Money?

Every now and then someone asks a question along the following lines (in this case I am quoting a fellow named Dennis):

Do you make more money if I buy the new book through sneezingcow rather than a local bookstore? What about through Amazon? Does your take vary w/ where things are purchased?
   I ask this not in the “authors are so stinking greedy running their own websites” way but the “how do I best support authors I like when I buy their books” way.
Here’s my answer:
Bottom line, I make a couple more bucks if you purchase a signed book from the website. BUT if a local independent bookstore is available, I’d prefer you buy there (you can also order indie online), as they have supported me widely. ULTIMATELY I’d rather have readers over the long term than a few bucks in the short term, and I also know what it is to live life on a budget, so wherever you decide to shop/order/download I am grateful for your support.
Hope that helps, and I don’t use that word “grateful” lightly. Bottom line is we have a little two-person family business here, and like many businesses it’s year-to-year…but the fact that we are able to make the mortgage and health insurance payments by me writing and performing continues is a blessing indeed, and one we don’t take for granted.


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