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Because Franzen

I am beginning to think that once you hit forty, you spend the bulk of your time suppressing the urge to harangue everyone who comes within forty feet of your…View post

Excerpt of the Week: Elvis

Reading this now (I wrote it in–gulp–1997) it’s good to know Steve Earle is still going strong. Elvis–some say–is still dead. From Off Main Street: In 1991, profoundly recalcitrant country artist…View post

Excerpt of the Week: Zaftig

Sold out show in Stoughton tonight. Jeepers and thanks. Gonna tell some new stories, read some new things, but also going to spend a little time looking back. Joggling around…View post

Excerpt of the Week: Geek Factor

This week’s excerpt is from Truck: A Love Story (hardcover here, paperback here, eBook options here): Those of us who covet International pickups nurture a perverse sort of pride. Open the…View post