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Scavengers Paperback Now Available

  Now in paperback…and all copies ordered through Sneezing Cow store are signed by Mike. Her family gone missing, Maggie (AKA: Ford Falcon!) is on a quest to┬árescue them. Armed…View post

8 Year-Old’s Idea of Fun…

…is to knock on my office door pretending she’s a Bosley hair restoration specialist making house calls. That’s what I get for letting her watch “Bewitched” reruns on Antenna TV.


Cool things readers do. Paint bricks to look like books. Include Coop. Thanks, Jane! (If yer not familiar, Coop is about pigs, chickens, farm life, faith wobbles, and birthing a…View post

Clodhopper Sportz

A moment of silence, if you will, for Great-Grandma’s 7 iron, which outlived her for a decade, but succumbed tonight during a vigorous round of clodhopper apple golf. Our loss…View post

C. W. Post Meets Starbucks

Sometimes Mom fed us Grape-Nuts soaked in coffee and topped with sugar which I guess meant she needed us to play outside all day long.