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Young Booksellers

One of the themes of my new Montaigne book is how we middle-agers and older might avoid becoming brittle and bitter and rather pitch in with the younger folks looking…View post

Thank You Tucson

A big thank you to everyone at the Tucson Festival of Books. Terrific experience. Over 300 writers, 1,400 volunteers, and a dedicated crew at the center of it all. You…View post

Good Things

My life has many good things in it, for which I am grateful. Sometimes there are pictures. Congratulations to Anastasia and Gabriel, winners of the Wisconsin Rapids (I was born…View post

Book Of Thrones

Guy approaches me at a signing. Points to¬†From the Top. Says, “That’s a great bathroom book!” Then he turns red, starts to apologize. “Oh, I didn’t mean…” Sir. Read at…View post