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It’s Not All Fountain Pens

Sometimes on book tour, readers arrive bearing gifts: (No hidden sponsorship deal–a guy just bought three books and then said, “Here, I figured you might need this on tour.” So a big thank you to him–consider the tour protein situation covered.) Other cool gifts from past tours here and here. Tour schedule for The Scavengers is here.

Photo from the Road

A nice article and photo here covering last Saturday’s event in Wausau. You will note my deer hunting beard, which with each passing year becomes more and more suited to blending into the snow-covered countryside. Also, I cherish the part about the book being printed on Wisconsin paper, since my Dad was working in a…View post


Congratulations to Books & Co., in Oconomowoc, celebrating 30 years this weekend. I always know I’m going to Books & Co. on book tour when the usually very young publicist from New York City says, “…and then you’re going to a bookstore in Oooka…Ohcoono…Onocos…” They usually give up on the third try.

Odd Lovely Road Moment

Working on a manuscript in a scruffy (the best kind of scruffy) coffee shop somewhere along the California coast. A woman enters, dressed in worn coveralls and an off-kilter trucker cap. She is wearing safety glasses and rubber gloves. Her face is seamed and weathered and has that look of someone aged prematurely by time…View post