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Haircut, Panama, 2006

In a Dale Watson T-shirt and a barber chair designed to run on unleaded, steak, and a pack’a Marbs.

8 Year-Old’s Idea of Fun…

…is to knock on my office door pretending she’s a Bosley hair restoration specialist making house calls. That’s what I get for letting her watch “Bewitched” reruns on Antenna TV.

Double Dads, Beer Tents, Hair Fires, and Male Nurses

Sneezing Cow Podcast, Episode #1: Mike and Al discuss yodeling, spit cups, and fatherhood, and Mike reads an essay about fatherhood. LIVE AUDIENCE CLIP: Mike tells the beer tent story (and the hair loss story, and the nursing degree story).

Frugality and Follicular Optimism

Frugal as she is, my wife tends to shop at those places where you can buy partially crushed cans of beans and off-brand toenail clippers.  This morning in the shower…View post