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Humor CD combo pack for $17 (save $5)Includes The Clodhopper Monologues Live(2 CDs – 2hrs 8 min) and Never Stand Behind A Sneezing Cow & Other Tales from Foggy Crossing (1 CD – 1hr 9 min).

The Clodhopper Monologues Live Not so long ago, author, humorist and amateur pig farmer Michael Perry fed the chickens, changed his boots, kissed his wife and daughters, and drove downstate to a refurbished opera house in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Waiting for him onstage was a microphone; waiting in the seats was a sold-out house full of folks ready to laugh. For the next two hours the walls of the old opera hall echoed with stories of love and long underwear, happily failed bachelors, aggressive roosters, one-eyed joke-telling butchers, the glories of pickup-truck-based courtship…and wave after wave of laughter. And then – right at the end there – came the story of the little girl, the guinea pig, and a math lesson gone wrong.

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Fooled By Phonics (Disc 1, track 9):

Gonna Hafta Puller (Disc 2, track 3):

Never Stand Behind A Sneezing Cow & Other Tales from Foggy Crossing  A live-audience recording of Mike addressing issues including high culture in low places, Fightin’ Frogs football, parade floats gone bad, the fine art of manure spreader maintenance, coon dogs and the people who own them, things you should never say in an ambulance, Mavis Turner’s Love Guide, the truth about deer hunting in Wisconsin, and, of course, this business about the cow.  Recorded Live … 100% authentic laughter. No laugh track.

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