Michael Perry – The Clodhopper Monologues (Live)

Not so long ago, author, humorist and amateur pig farmer Michael Perry fed the chickens, changed his boots, kissed his wife and daughters, and drove downstate to a refurbished opera house in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Waiting for him onstage was a microphone; waiting in the seats was a sold-out house full of folks ready to laugh. For the next two hours the walls of the old opera hall echoed with stories of love and long underwear, happily failed bachelors, aggressive roosters, one-eyed joke-telling butchers, the glories of pickup-truck-based courtship…and wave after wave of laughter. And then – right at the end there – came the story of the little girl, the guinea pig, and a math lesson gone wrong.

1. Functional A.D.D.
2. Cheddarhead Nurseboy
3. Flaming Firefighter
4. Beer Tent
5. Green and Gold and Blaze Orange
6. Cold
7. Coulda Been Hawaiian
8. I’ll Take the Froot Loops
9. Fooled by Phonics
10. The Bull Catalog

11. Pickup Truck Love
12. Bachelors
13. Gonna Hafta Puller
14. Wrenchslinger
15. Gettin’ Pigs
16. Knuckles the Rooster
17. Theoretical Beef
18. Kids
19. The Guinea Pig Story

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