This Week’s Tent Show Radio: Them Coulee Boys

Check out Mike (FacebookInstagram / Twitter / Threads) hosting Tent Show Radio. This week’s episode features Them Coulee Boys.

During intermission Michael Perry shares a humorous or heartfelt (or both) story drawn from his beloved books and offbeat life experiences.

Them Coulee Boys craft a brand of Americana that blends folk, punk, bluegrass, and rock & roll. They sing their conversational songs in 4-part harmony, often with a banjo stomp and rhythm section punch that drives the audience onto the dance floor and into community. Their trusty van has propelled them thousands of miles across the country and into the hearts of strangers, who tend to leave each show as family.

Soren Staff and Beau Janke, who both grew up amidst a stretch of glacial melt-carved river valleys in the upper Midwest, and more often than not could be found with an instrument in hand, became fast friends and formed their electric music partnership, after having met as counselors at a bible camp in northern Wisconsin in 2011. The duo played their first gigs as the rough-around-the-edges folk/rock/Americana outfit Them Coulee Boys in 2013. The additions of Jens Staff on mandolin, Neil Kraus on guitar & bass, and Stas Hable on drums helped to grow the band into the rollicking outfit it is today.

With three full-length albums and an EP behind them, including 2019’s Die Happy, they released their fourth studio album Namesake in 2021. The new album feels familial, like old friends with no need for small talk. There are moments of power and punch, balanced with an intimacy only felt between the ones we love. The ten-song collection spans from pure and genuine ballads to a leaping, countrified take on rock and roll. Namesake finds Them Coulee Boys following a new trajectory, combining their signature take on folk-grass and Americana with comfort on electric instruments and playing rock and roll. The record lives and breathes. It’s both intimate and bombastic.

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