Michael Perry on the Rural Realities Podcast

NOTE FROM MIKE: Every time I do another interview for what I’ve taken to calling “this little book,” it takes on new dimensions and makes new connections. I hope it does its subject justice. Thank you to Karen Endres for this thoughtful discussion. 

Real-Life Farming Struggles: Bestselling Author Michael Perry’s Latest Work Draws Upon Stories of Rural Life

40 Acres Deep is a tale of farmer Harold facing a long winter alone. In his small rural community, many farmers and small businesses have left, and the good old days are now just memories. On this episode of the Rural Realities podcast, Michael Perry talks with Karen Endres of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), sharing about his book, background as a writer and Wisconsinite, connection to farming, and the topic of mental health in rural Wisconsin. Michael, who has written “20-plus” books, calls himself an “accidental” New York Times bestselling author. He is a humorist, singer/songwriter, amateur snowplow driver, and a playwright from New Auburn, Wisconsin. You can stream the episode here.

Experiencing a challenge with a change on the farm? Contact DATCP’s Wisconsin Farm Center! With more than 100 years of collective agriculture experience, the Wisconsin Farm Center team offers free and confidential programs including financial and transition planning services, conflict mediation, veterinary diagnostic analysis, and more. They can be reached at 800-942-2474 or [email protected]. More information on programs and services is available at farmcenter.wi.gov.

If you are experiencing increased stress, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or just need a welcoming ear to talk to, please contact the free and confidential 24/7 Wisconsin Farmer Wellness Helpline at 888-901-2558 for immediate support. In-person and tele-counseling sessions are also available by request.

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