This Week’s Tent Show Radio: Lil’ Mike & Funny Bone

Check out Mike (FacebookInstagram / Twitter / Threads) hosting Tent Show Radio. This week’s episode features Lil’ Mike & Funny Bone.

During intermission Michael Perry shares a humorous or heartfelt (or both) story drawn from his beloved books and offbeat life experiences.

Oklahoma City brothers Lil’ Mike and Funny Bone, together known as Mike Bone, travel the world as motivational speakers, dancers, and rappers. Though both brothers stand a little over 4 feet tall, what they lack in height they more than make up for with their talent and determination. Through their powerful & inspiring music the Pawnee nation brothers strive to be positive influences for youth, promoting that a positive attitude and hard work can make dreams come true, but getting to that point hasn’t been easy. From homelessness to gang violence, to “size-ist” discrimination, the brothers have hustled and flowed their way from nothing to something.

The brothers spent years making the rounds at clubs, casino’s, arena’s, and private parties as they developed their skills not just as rappers but as performance artists & motivational speakers. Through their years of hustling, they’ve produced all their music independently, got their songs on radio stations around the world, opened for internationally renowned artists, and have left their mark on popular culture with their unforgettable television appearances on programs such as America’s Got Talent and their recurring roles on Hulu’s hit series Reservation Dogs.

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