Free Episode: Voice Mail #177 “St. Jude and Drew and Me”

There he is.

Howdy folks: Welcome to Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 177. This one’s available to free and paid subscribers alike. Click this link to listen, see all the other photos, and video of me doing “open mic” in front of 20,000 people.

Episode includes me revealing why little ol’ agnostic me is a St. Jude fan, why I find poetry in words like supplication, how chance encounters and friendships echo long beyond the moment at hand, and how the simple gift of a journal led to words shared with thousands. And above all, how grateful I am to be allowed this erratic knockabout reflective life.

Thanks to the whole bunch of you. This episode’s essay is from Million Billion. For all the books and whatnot, please visit the Sneezing Cow store. See y’down the road, Mike

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