This Week’s Tent Show Radio: Forever Young – A Neil Young Retrospective

Check out Mike (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @SneezingCow) hosting Tent Show Radio (Twitter: @BigBlueTent). This week’s episode features “Forever Young – A Neil Young Retrospective.”

Led by Corey Carlson & Severin Behnen, the team that brought you “Big Top Does the Beatles” and “Back to the Garden: The Music of Woodstock,” take on the work of Neil Young in this Big Top original show. One of the most celebrated artists in popular music history, the Canadian-born, two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s music blurs the lines between rock, folk, & country with hints of other musical genres as well. His musicianship, lyrical style, and signature tenor voice have defined Young’s career and cemented him as one of the most influential artists of his generation. This retrospective celebrates some of Young’s popular hits and will dive deep into his legacy songs, bringing to light some of his lesser-known works.

During intermission Michael Perry shares a humorous or heartfelt (or both) story drawn from his beloved books and offbeat life experiences.

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