Free episode of Michael Perry’s Voice Mail: Neil Gaiman and Weird TV

Howdy folks:

Welcome to Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 162. (Ignore Mike saying it’s episode #161, he’s off by one week, which is better than average, and we’re not gonna tell him for at least another week.)

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NOTE: The Neil Gaiman story anchoring this episode originally appeared in a subscribers-only episode back in January of 2022, but Mike wished to revisit and share it more widely as a memorial to his late friend “ALR.” Also, the original episode did not include the bit about Mike chasing a cat-abusing red fox in his underwear.

Included in today’s installment: Mike revisits two of the oddest television-related coincidences of his life, as described in his book Peaceful Persistence.

After you listen, you may be interested in this note Mike wrote when his friend Al (mentioned in this episode) died.

In the Tweet above, Neil Gaiman was referring to this book.

The book Mike mentions at the end of this episode is Forty Acres DeepMore info here.

P.S. They’re popular, so we keep printing more Peaceful Persistence shirts…and there’s this book/shirt combo deal.

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