ReVisiting Tom

When someone allows me to tell part of their story in a book, I walk a fine line between their story and their privacy. As such I only post the following photos with permission, and because so many of you ask. Yep, the Tom of Visiting Tom is still telling his tales. Told a few at his 93rd birthday party this week. Arlene is gone now, and Tom’s eyesight has failed to the point where he can’t work in the shop like he used to, but he’s got the support of good family and good neighbors nearby (including one in particular, for whom we are most grateful), and he recently got set up with a scanner that allows him to read again.

Life roars on. I don’t see Tom as much as I used to. I’ve written so many books and columns and essays at this point I’m often caught off guard when readers ask me about certain passages and I can come up with nothing but a blank stare. But how I treasure the time I’ve been allowed in Tom and Arlene’s kitchen, what they did for my little family years before I even knew them, and the blessed opportunity of doing my best to convey just a slice of the life they lived together. Happy birthday, neighbor.

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