Voice Mail Episode #45 [NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED] “The Way The Story Goes”

This might have been my father’s first cow. It might be named Aggie. I might be wrong. I gotta check with the rest of the family first.

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Included in today’s installment: The one about the farmer who got kicked by a dead cow. In the Roughneck Reflection Mike reveals how his brother told him he’d been telling the story wrong for years, and how—even when we have no interest in spreading disinformation—we can still wander off the path. And how we’re all looking for the spot where our stories overlap. (We do agree the dead cow kicked the very much alive man.)

“The Way the Story Goes” is from Mike’s book Roughneck Grace available in print and ebook here. He also told the dead cow story in From The Top, available in print, ebook, and audiobook here. The general store for everything else from Sneezing Cow can koozies to the original Sneezing Cow T-shirt is here.

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