Posts From the Box – Bill Stork, DVM

Even at my non-famous level (9 out of 10 times no one recognizes me at the Farm & Fleet) (and then half the time it’s a relative, neighbor, or Moose Country 106.7 listener), my calendar is such that I meet many, many thoughtful people in passing and simply cannot do justice to their kindnesses or adequately recognize their hard work or support their latest project the way they might hope and deserve. In addition, my email and snail-mailbox overflows weekly with manuscripts, CDs, advance copies, digital links and attachments, and requests for me to review or discuss more smart, powerful writing and heartfelt art than I could lay my eyes on if it was my full-time job. That said, I keep a box of books and notes and CDs and miscellaneous objects given to me on the road, and when I can I jot a note or make a mention. Thus, Posts from the Box.

I am often asked how to become a writer, publish a book, roll around in royalty money*, etc., and so on. In my case the answer is a multi-faceted, incomplete, meandering, chance-inflected evolution of a process I am still learning nearly three decades in. Often when I’m five minutes in to the answer, the listener’s eyes glaze over. Or they think I’m putting them off. Bottom line is, however you do it, you gotta do it. Bill Stork asked me those questions a long time ago, and then he went and did it. And did it again. And now book number three is out. More on Bill and his work here. And here’s a great profile of where he gleans his best insights (it has to do with the back end of a cow).

*I won’t self-deprecate to the point of saying I get no royalties (I do, and grateful I am) but they are less “rolling-around-in” and more “helping with the health insurance deductible.”

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