Welcome UW-Eau Claire Alumni

If you’re here because of Mike’s UW-Eau Claire Alumni livestream (School of Nursing, Class of ’87), welcome!

All of Mike’s books and recordings are listed and available here. The newest one, Million Billion, is here, and he wouldn’t be doing livestreams at all if not for Population 485 (Nobbern!), available here.

Looking for audiobook versions? Click here. Looking for ebook versions? Click here.

NOTE FROM MIKE: Ever since the pandemic shut down my perpetual tour, I’ve been getting messages asking if there was a way to slide a couple bucks into the tip jar. The answer is yes, and there’s a link below to that effect, but first: We’re a self-employed family. The cancellations and disruptions in my touring have certainly put a crimp in things. But we also have a place to live, food on the table, projects in the hopper, and some options. Others in my backyard are facing far more dire circumstances. So for now I continue to point you first and foremost to the terrific folks at Feed My People, and also ask you to consider the Chippewa Valley Artists Relief Fund set up by the above-average souls at Ambient Inks (if you order anything from the Sneezing Cow store, the Ambient Inks crew selects, packs, and ships it).

If you still wish to drop something into the Sneezing Cow “live but on video in a tiny room alone” fund (these are no longer nightly, but do continue in some form), you can do it by PayPal here.

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