From the Little Writing Room Over the Garage: Mike reads “Farm Truck Date”

TWO NOTES ABOUT THIS ONE BECAUSE I DO’EM IN ONE UNBROKEN SHOT AND I DON’T HAVE EDIT TIME CUZ IT TAKES OVER AN HOUR TO UPLOAD THEM ON OUR INTERNET WHICH IS POWERED BY A SAD HAMSTER: 1) Forgot to say the whole point of the “Truck” cover story is that by the time they came up with THEIR* idea (that they rejected when it was MY IDEA years earlier) the truck was all fixed up, so putting it on the cover woulda been like printing the last chapter of the book first. 2) Yah, little spit-fleck situation, thankfully it didn’t lodge on the screen. Always wear your eye protection.

The book “Truck: A Love Story” is available here. Hardcover. Paperback. Audio.

*reiterating these are good people who have been very good to me (I see you).

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