Thank You On The Run

OK, holed up in a hotel room to finish a newspaper column. This is the point in the tour when thank yous owed outpace time available to deliver them. Just finished my first event ever in the funky spaceship that is the Seattle Central Library. Great turnout in spite of it being a sunny Saturday afternoon in Seattle. Day after day, be it a big crowd or an “intimate” gathering, people say kind things, ask invigorating questions, and above all remind me how fortunate I am to have stumbled into this writing thing. It is one of the great privileges of the writing life to stand in actual conversation with people who have given of their time to read something I have written. Tomorrow, Portland. But for now, a quick look in the rearview mirror to all who have done me the kindness of sharing time on this tour. I’m grateful. And a glance homeward, where my wife holds our family on center. Thank you.

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