Asking You To Help Spread the Word

Howdy, folks. As I type this I’ve just arrived in a hotel room near San Diego. As you’ve known for a while now (because you’re clearly on our email list or within range of our gigantic Sneezing Cow social media machine), tour for The Jesus Cow is in full swing.

However, if you were waiting for a postcard, you’re still parked at the mailbox.

An unforeseen issue beyond our control has interrupted a rather large shipment of postcards detailing the book release and the tour itself. As a result, if you know of anyone in San Diego, CA; La Jolla, CA; Encinitas, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Naperville, IL; Decorah, IA; Iowa City, IA; Madison, WI; Oconomowoc, WI; Milwaukee, WI; and, Marshfield, WI, who might enjoy a book reading which is as much humorous tangent-riffing as it is a reading, we’d be very grateful if you’d point them to the Sneezing Cow Events page, where all tour details reside.


If you don’t know what to tell them about the book, may we recommend this?

After successful memoirs such as Population: 485 and Truck: A Love Story, this is Michael Perry’s first novel for adults, and it’s a good one. The tale, set in the small town of Swivel, Wis., is laugh-out-loud funny and propelled by plot lines that come together in an explosive climax.

– Minneapolis Star-Tribune


Finally, while the postcard news was a speed-bump, it was followed by an email from my editor saying the book has gone into a second printing. Meaning it’s time to say it again: Thank you!

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