Jesus Cow in Library Journal

I am very grateful for this starred review of “The Jesus Cow” in Library Journal. However, Christopher Moore‘s career may not survive the association.

Library Journal Advance Reviews April 1,15

*Perry, Michael.
The Jesus Cow.
Harper. May 2015. 288p. ISBN 9780062289919.

Perry, a New York Times best-selling nonfiction author (Population: 485), radio host, songwriter, and self-proclaimed amateur pig farmer, makes his fiction debut with this expansive yet grounded novel. Harley Jackson is trying to hold onto the remaining 15 acres of his parents’ farm in Swivel, WI, as well as his meager eight head of beef cattle in the face of pressure from a local opportunistic developer. On Christmas Eve, Harley’s lone dairy cow gives birth to a calf with the unmistakable face of Jesus Christ imprinted on its side. Harley, recognizing immense amounts of trouble in store, does his best to cover the image, but his hapless attempts are no match for the calf destined to become known to the world as #JesusCow. Before long, the young bovine has an agent, a full-blown media circus camps outside Harley’s front door, and our hero has money and plenty of accompanying headaches. VERDICT A hilarious glimpse into small-town life and cowboy/farmer/“Scandihoovian” philosophy, combined with meditations on the meanings of faith, environmentalism, development, and romance. Highly recommended for fans of Christopher Moore.

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