Tent Show Radio Podcasts


If you’re new here because of Visiting Tom, I’m pleased to let you know that although typing is my main job, we have a few other things going on as well. For instance, this Saturday I’ll be joining my band beneath a beautiful blue tent overlooking the Apostle Islands.
I’ve also been privileged to host Tent Show Radio for the past two years, and I’m happy to say that you can now listen to Tent Show Radio pretty much whenever you wish. In addition to listening on your radio or streaming the show in real time you can go back in time and listen to that Ruthie Foster, or Nanci Griffith, or Greg Brown, or Arlo Guthrie or any other guest one more time (as of now, nearly all shows are archived for one year – some variance depending on contractual obligations). Just go here, scroll down to the show of your choice and click on the player.
And if you missed one of Mike’s ‘Backstage Monologues,’ why, you can just dial it up whenever you like…he did a number of them about his cannon-shooting neighbor Tom (the subject of Mike’s current book) but he also talks about being a Dad, remembering his Irish grandma, and whatever else comes to mind.
Of course you can also listen on the beautiful radio (or stream) in real time. List of stations and times right here.

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