The Pause, The Resume

Regarding yesterday’s Facebook post: The Facebook and the blog and the Tweet and whatnot are a lively and lovely means of keeping in touch with people who help my little family and I get along by supporting the books and performing and all. It’s a pleasure to visit with you all here. The dispatches are also obviously a means of keeping our little ball rolling, with momentum supplied in part by me dropping in regularly to offer always heartfelt but largely lighthearted fare. I live and work in a deadline-driven world, and as such there are times (when a family member is facing a struggle, or I receive a note from someone who has lost someone dear to them, or I hear from the family of a young soldier home for the final time) when I feel a need to acknowledge that despite my online face, the world is not all cow jokes and frothy asides. Of course we all know that, but it seems only humane to pause sometimes and acknowledge this. And then – not in disrespect but with the intent of keeping going – we resume regular programming.

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