Go Kathleen…

Today we were driving down the highway and a song snippet came on the radio and our four-year-old hollered, “KATHLEEEN!” Count her among many fans happy with the new Kathleen Edwards album. The four-year-old was hip to the tune because she’s been “pre-listening” the album up in my office for a week now.

Here she is (in a blurry cellphone photo) the other morning, singing “I don’t NEEEED a punchline!” at the top of her lungs while the new album played on my ancient CD player:

We get to see Kathleen now and then when she’s recording in this neck of the woods, and we wish her safe travels as her tour commences. Tomorrow night (or tonight, depending when you see this) (Tuesday, January 17) she’ll be on Late Night with David Letterman.

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